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Overdue updates

I cannot believe it’s been THIS long since I have blogged.  It’s not that I haven’t got anything to say.  It’s just that I have been joyfully busy, and have enjoyed life – and being able to move again!

Since I have shared all about my foot surgery in the last few blog entries, I want to let you know that my foot is all healed, and I can work out great and do most of the things I used to do, within reason.  Jung Suwon, here I come!

A couple of months ago Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has opened up a special sword class and I feel very lucky to be participating.  To show you just how much I love it, here is a short video clip of my very first break with the (wooden) sword.

Do check this out!

And – if you think this is cool – just watch this one too, for good measure!

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed it!





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Past, present, future

Since my foot surgery, I have been thinking a lot more about my Jung Suwon Martial Arts training.

I think about just how much Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has helped me overcome so many obstacles in my life, and opened up possibilities I never even knew existed.

Here is me, as a white belt, just about a month into training, in 1984, and many many years before I had to start taking Coumadin.

EAs white belt sitting down VT copy

I had been at a very low in my life.  Although on the outside I seemed to live the American dream – graduated from a prestigious college with honors, was married, had 2 beautiful children, had a big home, garden, land – but as most of us know, earthly tangible possessions do not make one happy.  I had reached every goal I had set until then, and I would like awake at night, looking at the ceiling, wondering if that was all there was to life.  I was miserable, and didn’t have much of a purpose.

When I first met Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, I didn’t have any idea what Martial Art even was…all I have ever seen was advertisements for C-rated movies with bad lip sync.

But this was different.  Great Grandmaster Kim made me feel loved, valued, and precious from day one, and helped me overcome all my issues, and started to bring out the best in me.

Eas base form 3 1986 copy

She explained that she didn’t give me anything that I didn’t already have inside – she said like a diamond hidden in a lot of rubble and stone, I had to be dug out, polished for a long time, but the diamond was there and needed to shine.

It has been a very long, very wonderful, also hard, tough, and highly challenging journey, and through the good times and hard times I have learned so much!  And yes, there have been many hard, tough, almost impossible times.  But it has been totally, completely worth it.

This short video means a lot to me – I was so very shy before my training, and the thought of breaking bricks scared me no end.  And yet, look what Great Grandmaster Kim has accomplished.

Of course, the journey is never done.  That is the beauty of it.  It keeps going on and I will keep on training, learning, discovering, growing.  I love my life and am deeply grateful for my teacher and Master, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.

Jung Su!

See the transformation!

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Your thoughts create reality

2013-07-31 Pre-testing 2

Your thoughts create reality – this is something my Master, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has been telling me since day one of my training.  This goes for positive thoughts as well as negative.  Whatever I think now, will show up in my reality later.


2013-07-31 Testing qualifications

Not being able to physically participate in my beloved Jung Suwon classes, could easily get me depressed.  But I am not giving in to this.  I know that some day, I will be right there, with these very students you can see in these pictures.

I love how Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim puts it so eloquently in her book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power:”

“The difference between a limited you and an unlimited you begins with your attitude and state of mind.  So, your first step in taking charge of your life is to learn to take charge of your thinking.  Everything that has taken form in your life – your body, your home, your job, your relationships – began first as an immaterial thought form, which can be a specific visual image, or simply a general attitude and feeling.  When you look at everything you have manifested in your life now, you are looking at a picture of the quality of your thinking and feeling.”

2013-07-31 Everybody pushups

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I see the light!

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim always reminds me to be positive.

Celebrate every living breath as if it was your last breath,” she says.  Just, sometimes that is very hard.

2012-12-18 I see the light 3

Today, I celebrate.  I rejoice!  I am happy!  For the first time since my foot surgery, I can see the light!  Meaning, that I can feel that its been worth it!  The infection is gone, every stitch and incision is fully healed over, and the pain – while not all the way gone – is much less.  And I can walk reasonably well, with the “boot” on.  🙂

2013-06-22 I see the light-1

Today, I celebrate with one of my most favorite quotes from my Martial Arts teacher, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim:

“I offer the art of Jung Suwon to you knowing it will help you find the serenity, love, freedom, and power that you possess as an essential part of this universe.  This is what you are.  It is your birthright.  Claim it!  You have the right to be everything that you are, to know your power, to express and create everything you desire in your heart.

I believe in your beauty, I respect your purpose in this world, and I support your growing awareness of who you are in truth.  May you now the joy and excitement of creating your life and all that you experience!”  (Seven Steps to Inner Power, page 95)

2013-07-21 I see the light 2

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When “This is not supposed to happen” happens

2013-07-20 14.24.19

Yes, that is me, icing my foot.  Almost 2 months (yes, you are reading right, months!) after surgery, and I have an infection!  How is this even possible?

2013-07-20 ice-2

I was lucky though.  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me to take charge of my life, and so I have been watching my foot closely.  I noticed the incredible swelling, that made my foot appear almost twice its normal size.  It was also reddish/pink instead of the pale color of my other foot, plus it felt much warmer.  Even after icing.  When I told my doctor, he immediately called me to come to his office, and I came out with a prescription for antibiotics, and with the admonition to ice the foot frequently, keep it elevated, and wear compression stockings.

2013-07-20 14.24.44

I am sure you can imagine that I wasn’t too happy.  But, at least, it was caught before anything worse could happen!

To help me understand all this, and help me to not stress out, I love to read Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s words:

“Pain, distress, and physical illness are manifestations of our own energy.  That’s why they are an inevitable part of life.  Instead of being defeated, crushed, or disillusioned about these things, allow them to at least teach you something.  Why endure pain for nothing?  Since you are going to encounter it, and since it’s your own energy, make it serve you!” (The First Element, page 115)

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A little progress every day

Foot surgery is not for the faint of heart or for the squeamish. It’s no fun before, during or after.  Especially 6 weeks after when you think you can run and jump and find out otherwise.  I had been so looking forward to being in Jung Suwon class with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim!

2012-11-19 20.27.26

At first, I couldn’t understand it.  I mean, 6 weeks after surgery, in the cast, I was feeling pretty good.  No pain except when my foot was swelling too much inside the cast.

But I was quite unprepared for this.  The doctor’s assistant reassured me that it is very normal to have pain, and a lot of it.  She put it quite bluntly:

“Well, the doctor cut your heel bone in half and then slid the pieces apart, and put a big screw in it, plus he did a few more procedures in your foot – what do you expect  You haven’t put any weight on it for 6 weeks, so yes, it will hurt.!”


Then I was dumb enough to ask, “My husband had both hips replaced, and each time he was encouraged to walk the day after – so why can’t I walk right after surgery?  That just about sent the PA into outer space, laughing so hard.  Finally she said that you cannot even compare, because hips are, well, hips, and it is entirely different surgery than what I had done to my foot.

What does Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim say about this?

“Physical Training is overcoming limitations.  Your training can be a feedback system, letting you now where you stand in taking control your mind and body.”

That’s right!  I can take control.  It is my choice – am I going to let this pain get me, or am I going to overcome it?  Who is going to win this battle?



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2013-07-10 Cast off -01

Finally the day has arrived, and my cast is now history!  If you have ever had a cast – you know what I am talking about.  If you never had one – having the cast on you is challenging, but when it’s taken off, it is just plain weird.  Let me tell you, what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me over the years really came in handy today.  🙂

Right off, the very nice and beautiful technician explain the cast saw to me.  Not only did she tell me that it is impossible to hurt someone with it, she proceeded to demonstrate and put the saw right on the skin of her arm!

It took all the self-control I had to not scream and jump off the table.  I fully expected blood to squirt out all over the place.  But she just giggled and said, I told you, it can’t hurt.


Then she put the saw to my cast.  See?

2013-07-10 Cast off -02

After the cast was split,

2013-07-10 Cast off -05

she applied something that looked like a lobster cracker

2013-07-10 Cast off -04

and cracked it all open

2013-07-10 Cast off -06

with a few yanks, my foot was free!!  (I am not posting what followed because it does look a bit gruesome.)

But, my foot freedom isnt complete yet.  In order to protect it until it’s all the way healed and comfortable with walking, my foot is safely tucked away in a walking boot.

It feels really really great to be able to walk somewhat normal again.  I just need to work hard and regain strength and muscle.

And because this post is somewhat about freedom, here is my favorite quote from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, about freedom:

“You live in a wonderful time called now.  In this moment, everything true about you is waiting to be recognized and expressed.  Everything in the past is gone.  Tomorrow will never come.  There is always only now.  You can take charge, take action, and create freedom for yourself.

Right here and right now let’s start celebrating!  Freedom is real.  Freedom is possible.  You have power, truth, beauty, and potential within you always waiting to be discovered, always waiting to be expressed.  Brighter and more precious than diamonds, warm as the spring sun, and beautiful like spirals of galaxies sprinkled over this vast universe, your silent Master awaits your return, so that together you will come forth as one radian being in charge of your destiny.  What is stopping you?  What is holding you back?  You are free to be free!  Spread your wings!  Fly and be free!” (The Silent Master, page 162)


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The benefits of Jung Suwon training off the training floor

Mills Penninsula hospital

As you know, I have been through some serious foot surgery recently.  And while of course I haven’t been able to do a lot of my regular workout routine, I have been able to adjust and still work out.

However, in this post, I will talk more about the mental aspects of training.  The power of controlling my environment, as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me to do.

When I first came out of surgery, all was actually very well.  I was so “drugged up” that I thankfully didn’t feel anything.  I was a bit sleepy, but otherwise, all was well.

2013-07-07 syringe

However, around 2:00 am I woke up and felt the pain!  We are not talking a little discomfort here.  We are talking the combined pain of several surgeries in one foot.  I did what the nurse told me, and pushed the call button.  Nothing happened.  I pushed again, and again, nothing happened.  I tried the call button on the other side of the bed, and again, nothing.  I started pushing all kinds of buttons and yelling out.  Nothing happened.  The pain was approaching a level that it was hard to control with meditation and so I needed attention.

Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me to be the driver in my life, not a passenger!  To drive through life, not drift through it.  “Take charge,” she always encourages me.

iv bag hanging on a metal pole

Through my brain fog I remembered that if there is anything wrong with the IV, it will make a sound and a nurse will come.  So I made a kink in the IV line, and sure enough, after 10 seconds a loud alarm went off and 10 seconds later a nurse came running!  Whew!

Another example is that I realized very quickly that while I was able to tolerate the pain medication through IV, I had some nasty reaction to the different medication given orally – I was having intense, and horrible hallucinations.  Still, through all this, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s voice rang through very powerfully.  “Nobody can make you do anything, unless you allow it.  Nobody can hypnotize you unless you allow it.  You have the power in you, it is your personal choice!”

Variety of Drugs, Pills, Supplements, and Medication
And so, when the hallucination had started, I looked at the mental picture and said, “You are not real.  In reality, such things never happen.  Stay away from me!  And I quickly learned that I was able to control these hallucinations and make them stop.

I didn’t have to be a victim!

And while punching and kicking are very important aspects of the Martial Arts, it is so much more than just that!


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America – Land of Hope and Glory!

I feel that I should give you a little bit of a personal history of me.  How did I, who was born in an obscure little town in Austria, raised in Salzburg, studied in Vienna, end up in the USA?

my grandmother's house

my grandmother’s house

As far as I can remember back, I always wanted to come to the USA.  Even when I was only 3 years old, I was already talking about it.  It was as if, even then, I already heard Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s words:

“You can make a change!  You are not stuck in one place.  You are never stuck, because everything around you is in motion vibrating in constant change.  Have the courage to change your mind and emotions.  Have the courage to examine yourself, the beliefs you hold, the emotions you feel, and be willing to purify your energy.  Have the courage to try!  Then you will see change all around you!” (The First Element, page 138)

Childhood special002

if I put these sticks together right, maybe I can make an airplane?
(For the record, I am the girl on the right, sitting in the chair)

I also remember begin made fun of a lot – I used to hear it all the time “You don’t even know what America is, you silly girl.”  But me, all I knew was that I just had to be there, wherever or whatever it was!

Childhood special001

What do you think – would I be able to go to the USA in that car?? Hmmmm

It would be a long time until I would be able to come to the USA, but even back then, the seed was planted and I knew that some day I would come to the USA – and that I was destined for a different way of life – the way of the warrior as taught by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim!

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Where there is a will, there is a way!

2013-06-23 Luke attack 4

“Whatever you do in your life, it is your personal choice!”

Never have these words of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim rung more true to me than right now.  It really is my choice, and my choice alone how I deal with going through this time of healing.

And no, I am not taking any unnecessary risks.  My doctor said my foot will heal well – IF I stay off it for 6 weeks and then slowly start the rehab process.  And I am honoring that.

However, that also doesn’t mean I just lie in my bed all day, waiting for the 6 weeks to pass.

Be the driver in your life, not a passenger!” is another thing Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is telling us.  “Take charge!”

2013-06-23 Luke attack 3

And so I have been finding safe ways to practice Martial Arts.  I often think, “what if a disaster struck right now.  What if there was a flood, or an earthquake, or what if there was a long-term power outage?  Then what?  How would I deal with that in my current situation?  How can I best polish up my warrior spirit?

2013-06-23 Luke attack 2

This is how!  By safely practicing what I have learned, just in different circumstances!


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