Posted by: angelasommers | August 9, 2008

The big test: can I stick a syringe into my belly fat??

So you can imagine my first thoughts when I found I wouldn’t be able to do any sparring, any contact and no breaking of pretty much any kind.  Forget about weapons…..

But, for the time being, there was an end in sight – I was told at the most I had to be on coumadin for only 6 months.  That wasn’t so bad! 

First, though, just to get out of the hospital, I had to pass “the test”.  I was supposed to stay in the hospital longer, but since I was far away from home, and my husband was under pressure to get back to his job, I asked and begged.  The doctor said, fine, I could go home, as long as I would get out of the car at least every hour and walk around.  PLUS…

…PLUS I had to prove that I was able to give myself the lovenox shot.  For those of you not familiar with blood clots and their treatment –

First, you get some sort of heparin intravenously.  Then, they give you the heparin (blood thinner) via syringe in your “belly fat” as they like to call it.  All the while you take the coumadin, and once your INR (which measures how fast your blood coagulates) is in the correct range, then you can stop the lovenox.  For me, that range is between 2.0 and 3.0.

So the nurse comes into the room, very nice gal, but she had that glee in her eyes….like she didn’t think I could do it. 

Gimme that thing!!!

Gimme that thing!!!

Here is where my Jung SuWon Martial Arts training kicked in big time.  I sat up straight, and almost ripped the syringe out of the nurses’ hand.  I cleaned my tummy with the wipe and almost rammed myself with that syringe.  I was determined to do everything to get out of that hospital!  The nurse looked a bit perplexed, but when I passionately asked her, “will this do?”  she said yes and disappeared….


So, I was on my way out!


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