Posted by: angelasommers | August 15, 2008

Oh no! I am a coumadin lifer!


So the first test results confirmed that I had some stuff in my blood that make me much more susceptible to getting blood clots.  And so the nice doctor said, “I am afraid we’ll have to keep you on coumadin for good.”  ( For those inquiring minds that want to know:  I have Factor V Leiden, and way too much of Factor 8.)

Oh boy!  They might as well have dragged me out into the back and shot me.  How can I be a good Martial Artist, and not sparr anymore?  By then I had learned:  when on coumadin, no contact sports, no risk of being injured, hit, etc.  My doctor, ever so wonderfully protective – told me that walking and swimming would be appropriate exercise for me!  Yuck!  By the way, yes, that picture is really me – a long time ago, but me just before a tournament.  Of course – if my doctor is reading this – relax, I am not sparring anymore.  It’s just to illustrate my point how much I was into all aspects of Martial Arts.

It was a shock, and at first I tried everything I could think of to either get off the coumadin, or to have the doctor tell me that coumadin really isn’t that dangerous and that a punch in the head really isn’t that bad.  Well, after asking about 12 different doctors (I kid you not) and still everyone telling me the exact same thing, I finally realized:  this is it!  Better get used to this and make the best of it. 

At least, I am still alive, well, and can move!  What’s there to complain about?  That was my little cheering mantra every day.

Plus, of course Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has been wonderfully supportive.  She let me come to all the classes and do whatever I could/can, and do all the non-contact things we do, like basic movements, forms, and things like that.

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