Posted by: angelasommers | August 21, 2008

Weight lifting in the operating room?

I forgot to mention something that happened during my first pulmonary angiogram at Stanford. 

I am highly allergic to the contrast dye they inject you with during the angiogram, so in addition to the sedative they had already given me, they gave me twice the normal amount of benadryl.  Yes, that is right, twice the normal amount.  The doctor – wonderful guy by the way – didn’t want to risk anything at all.

So, there I was, all drugged out, on the operation table, and I somehow managed to get my hand near the “sterile incision site” and the nurses freak out completely, wipe me down again, and restrain my arms.  The doctor mentioned that I was nervous and had them give me more sedative.  I was a real vegetable by now.

But during an angiogram the doctor occasionally tells you what to do…and I wasn’t very responsive.  It was all ok until he put some hand weights – yes, that’s right, as in weight lifting hand weights.  He wanted to stress my heart and see how it reacted. 

Well, you drug me up like that and guess what happens!  I couldn’t for the life of me lift even my own fingers!  They kept reducing the weight, and I vaguely heard the doctor murmur that he had expected me, the Martial Artist, to be a lot stronger than that….duh!

And yes, even though I was so drugged, I still tried to do my best, and I kept repeating “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me”, almost as if on autopilot.  I tried to remember at least some of the teachings Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim had taught me at Jung SuWon

But I still couldn’t lift much at all…I was barely even awake….I had the overwhelming urge to go to sleep….


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