Posted by: angelasommers | August 26, 2008

Jung SuWon Sparring – just asking one more time

I just had to do this.  Yes, it was stupid and I already knew the answer.  But I just felt I had to ask one more time before I would give it a rest.  I wanted to be a full on Jung SuWon warrior and student!  I thought I wasn’t a complete martial artist without it! 

During one of my check ups, I asked my cardiologist, if I could do some sparring.  Wrong question! 

He got up from his chair – and he is well over 6 feet tall, and looks very authoritative.  He put his hands on his hips and looked down at me, like a principal would scold a wayward student.  His face got red and I realized I should just have kept my mouth closed….

“Absolutely not!”, he said.  “What do you want me to do when you get a brain bleed from getting hit in the head?  You want me to apply pressure to your brain and squeeze it to stop the bleeding?  Want me to open your skull and put pressure on your brain, which is more or less like a sponge?  Or how do you want me to stop a bleed in your lungs if you get hit there?  Your lung is a sponge – how do you put pressure there? ”  Yikes.  I got the idea loud and clear.  But he wasn’t done with me yet.

He continued, “If you insist on sparring, you’ll have to get off the coumadin, but, you are not a candidate for that.  You need to stay on it.  So you better not think about this any more.  For you, I wouldn’t even risk riding a bike.  Why risk hitting your head and turning into a vegetable?  Walking, hiking, and swimming would be the most appropriate exercise for you.”

Now he was done and looked at me expectantly.  I got it.  I told him I would behave, and quietly left. 

I guess I just had to ask that one more last time……and to top it off, when I told Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, she had a big smile on her face – one that said “I told you so” – without even having to say it…….

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