Posted by: angelasommers | August 28, 2008

Jung SuWon training: everyday challenges with coumadin


After while of course, a routine sets in and you try to adjust to whatever life throws you.  There are the little things that you don’t pay attention to at first, but then one by one, as you get adjusted, you notice. 



For example, little cuts or pokes in my fingers and hands were never an issue.  Working in kitchen and garden I get this a lot, so I didn’t ever pay attention to that.  So you got a little blood, wipe it off and all is done.  Well, on coumadin, you keep oozing for a while.  It’s not going to kill you, but it’s certainly an inconvenience.  For example, the other day I opened a cupboard and a glass started flying out at me.  I caught it mid-air and was pretty proud of myself – whow, what reaction!  What testimony to my Jung SuWon training!  What a blackbelt I am!  Then I realized that it broke in my hands and I had little cuts all over my hand.  There were tiny cuts and very surface, nevertheless my hand looked like it came out of a meat grinder! 

This required a different Jung SuWon black belt attitude – stay calm, meditate, and deal with it.   Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim points out that it is one thing to train in the Martial Arts, and another living what you learn!  Easy to do in the Do Jang, but when you are in a situation that requires instant action – quite a different matter!


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