Posted by: angelasommers | September 3, 2008

My personal Kryptonite

I forgot to mention something else.  As Martial Artist, especially Jung SuWon Warrior, I am very much into healthy foods and you might have seen my food blog already.  I really try to nourish my body and mind rather than stuff food or indulge (well, now and then a little treat isn’t going to hurt…)

So it’s only natural that I would like to eat lots of salads and greens, and I used to – until! 

While I was told that I didn’t have to change my diet, but that the doctor would adjust the coumadin to match my diet – it quickly turned out that with that much salad I would have to really take a large dose of coumadin…

You see, the way the body uses the coumadin is through some process in the liver, and if you eat too much vitamin K (which means salads, green veggies and a bunch of other items) it hinders the coumadin from doing its’ job.  It seems that I am one of those lucky people that if I just walk by and smell a salad, my INR goes down and I have to take more coumadin. 

I am ok if I eat small portions of salads, but I definitely can no longer make a meal out of a salad twice a day. 

Ah, like Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim always says, everything in moderation, and: focus on what you can do, what you can have, rather than on what you don’t have or can’t do! 

He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!


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