Posted by: angelasommers | September 6, 2008

Somebody help me! Or, how to deal with a bad news the Jung SuWon way

I still experience chest pains a lot.  All major things have been ruled out and basically, after dozens of tests of all sorts (including pulmonary and cardiac angiograms) I am found healthy and “normal.”  The chest pains, however, persist.  They are real.  I can guarantee anyone that I am not having chest pains to get attention.  In fact, I don’t usually talk about them or even mention them to close family members. I mean, what’s the point?  I don’t want to drag everyone down by talking about my chest pains every day.  I just would very much like to not have chest pains so I can be my normal self again.  And do the things I have always loved to do.

My cardiologist, nice person that he is, is also realistic and down to earth, and told me that basically I won’t just drop dead, and for me to start getting used to managing the pain.  And I have been doing just that.

However, when I ran across the big announcement that there has been a special Chest Pain Clinic established in one of the local hospitals, the only one of its kind, I started to get excited.  This seemed like a God-sent!  I called right away, but the clinic was apparently so new that it took them several days to get back to me.  It took another few days to get a number to call to make an appointment.  And after a week, I was there! 

I went in with high hopes.  There was finally a person specializing in this field and just maybe they would be able to help me!  It all started out wonderfully positive, a brandnew building, beautiful medical center, nice staff (well, except the receptionist that had never noted down my appointment, but that was quickly fixed by a wonderful admin who set everything straight).

Finally, after the nurse did an EKG (normal) took my blood pressure and all kinds of other things, I got to meet the doctor.  He was very nice, radiated confidence, knowledge and experience, and he introduced himself as head of cardiology of the hospital and founder of the new Chest Pain clinic.  He also apologized for calling his new venture “Chest Pain Clinic”, he said it was meant to be a special clinic for heart attack patients to get the proper attention. 

 He did ask me a lot of questions regarding my condition, examined my badly swollen legs, asked extensively about my embolism, and basically agreed with everything my current doctor had told me.  Said I shouldn’t have any more tests done, said I was ok and should just manage the pain, got up and said, sorry but I can’t help you and walked out.

I think you can imagine how I felt.  And this was the head of the cardiology department?  And the best he could do was telling me he couldn’t help me?  After a brief episode of feeling completely helpless, and then feeling a surge of anger, here is where my Jung SuWon Training really helped me calm down and settle down. 

My teacher, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, wrote in her book “Seven Steps to Inner Power“, about how to deal with negative emotions, such as I was experiencing.  She says that there are three ways people deal with them:  carving them in as in stone, or writing in sand, but that the best way is to write in water:

We cannot write in water.  We cannot carve in water.  Water’s nature is to flow.  And that is how we should treat negative emotion.  When it comes, let it go.  Let it flow away from you like water moving down a river bed.  Do not allow it to reside in your consciousness for any amount of time or to become permanent.  Release it as soon as it comes.  “I can’t,” you may say.  Your Silent Master says you can.  No matter how intense an emotion may be, if you immediately refuse to dwell on it and refuse to focus on it, it will have no staying power.  Speed is the key.  Act quickly to release it. 

How is this different from covering up an emotion?  You acknowledge that you are feeling it, but immediately let it flow through and away from you.  You do not deny it, but you do release it.”

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