Posted by: angelasommers | September 11, 2008

Jung SuWon warrior challenge: 11,000 ft over the Atlantic ocean…with chest pains…

Here’s the thing.  Sometimes things that you don’t expect in the least, do happen.  No matter how wonderful your attitude, your faith, your intentions, dedication, etc, sometimes life takes a different turn.  And then it’s up to us to deal with it.

Last year, during a period of time when I was doing really well, was within range most of the time, and it looked like I was finally on an even course.  I was healthy, happy and the only thing going on was that I had to take the coumadin.  I was physically very active and enjoying life in every aspect.

So, since my significant other had to go on a business trip to Europe, it was only natural that I would go over and visit my sister and her family and then meet up with him.  All went well, I had a great time and it was as close to a perfect vacation as you can get.

We were sitting on the plane, reminiscing about the trip, and having a great time.  Dutifully I got up after 2 hours and was planning on doing the same for the duration of the flight.  But I was starting to not feel very good.  Chest pains, breathing difficulties, the works.  I had pulled out the tray table and had put my head down on it….when my husband asked me if I was ok.  I wasn’t.  But thousands of feet up in the air, above the Atlantic Ocean, there just isn’t a whole lot you can do.  I continued  to move around, sit down again, move some more, etc.  Most of all though, I was focusing on not letting this get me down. 

My many years of training under Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim at Jung SuWon weren’t wasted – almost automatically things started to kick in.  Strangely, it wasn’t thoughts about overcoming or things like that, what stuck mostly in my mind was the utterly positive words from Dr. Kim’s book, “The First Element.”

Wake up to the little miracles around you right now and appreciate the power of the universal life force!  A tiny unborn bird pecks away at his shell hundreds of times for no other reason than than to be born!  For no other reason than to be who he is.  He follows the life force as far as his purpose directs.

But you!  You are born with so much more capability than this little bird.  If you are not living your life with the same enthusiasm of a supernova, exploding to fill your space with energy to build and create and transform, you are still inside a dark shell.  If you are sitting around doing nothingmore than feeling sorry for yourself, then you’re not even as true and honest as the little bird, who at least honors his life force by pecking his way out into the world.

I am asking you to come out and start appreciating this life force that brought you here!  I am asking you to start honoring the power which is your birthright, and the responsibility you have to fulfill yourself with this energy.  Yes, it is a responsibility, because when you refuse to be yourself, you cheat the universe out of apart of itself.  You are here now, because you have a purpose that is part of the entire universal expression.  To do your part, all you have to do is to just be yourself, your true self, and honor yourself with love, support, training, perseverance, and fulfillment!

I was able to calmly endure the flight, and even smile.  After arrival, I did get myself checked – no obvious new clots, however my doctor suggested that perhaps I might have had a series of mini-clots – too small to show up, yet not small enough to make them pain free.  Eventually, I recovered…..I would also like to say that my martial arts training was crucial in my recovery – my body was in great condition and was able to overcome things a lot quicker…..


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