Posted by: angelasommers | September 16, 2008

Time to fight back!!!

You are probably gonna think, no way can anyone go through all this crapp with doctors.  She’s making this up.  But I can assure you, every word I am writing here is the truth.  I wish I could report that life’s a bowl of cherries and that all is well, all the time.

But lately, it’s just not been that way.  And really, I don’t think life’s about having it easy – it’s about dealing with whatever gets thrown your way.  Here is one of my favorite quotes:

“People and events can shape someone for good or bad.  But you alone have power over these things, more power than you realize.  It does not matter how bad circumstances may seem.  What I discovered was that how I dealt with circumstances was much more important than the circumstances themselves.”  (“Seven Steps to Inner Power“, by Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.)

So yes, it’s ok I have to face all this – as long as I can maintain a good attitude….and look for solutions.

To get back to why I am writing this – the pains got a little too much for me last week, and so I left a message with my doctor, telling him what I was going through. 

The nurse calls me back the next day, and was rather abrupt.  She said each sentence with some more emphasis than would have been necessary, and told me that the doctor had done all the tests he could, he had done everything possible, and that I should go to a general doctor and be referred to pain management or palliative care.   To make it easier, I have linked to that termin wikipedia ….

I am not buying it.  I know I am NOT a menopausal hypochondriac vying for attention.  All I want from a doctor is to be willing to explore different ways to get to the root of this.  I am not buying it that this is “just pain” and that I should take pain killers for the rest of my life.  I happen to believe that chest pains this strong have some cause and I would prefer to find out what that cause is.  So, today I started to write an “ad” for a doctor, that I plan on faxing or e-mailing out to different doctors.  Since I am not sure what kind of doctor I need, perhaps I’ll start out with some internists.  This ‘ad’ basically tells my health history and asks if the doctor would be willing to think out of the box and try help me.  Otherwise – let’s save each other time and energy and not waste time on an appointment.

I have even thought about doing a Youtube short, explaining what I would expect from a doctor.

See, I am not expecting a miracle.  I don’t want to be a special medical case.  All I want is to be painfree and resume my active, happy life.  And I don’t think that’s too much to ask for…..


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