Posted by: angelasommers | September 21, 2008

Jung SuWon wisdom: sometimes, all it takes is a can of chili

Chili!  Canned chili at that!  How did this can of chili sneak into my blog on training at Jung SuWon while taking coumadin?  I bet you are wondering why I am blogging about a can of chili.  Well it would have never occurred to me until a couple of days ago, that same can of chili that you see here, fell from a shelf in my pantry, on my foot. 

So, yesterday, as I was getting some potatoes out of the pantry, out of nowhere this restaurant size can of chili came falling down, smack on my left foot!  Now, I personally don’t like this brand chili, or any canned chili for that matter, and what on earth do I do with such a huge can anyhow?  Nevertheless, it was there and decided to fall on my foot.

Did it hurt?  Of course!  Did I say things that are not publishable?  You bet! 

However, I am ok.  Nothing’s broken, and aside from some swelling and bruising, it’s not a problem.  What I did learn though – I suppose it was a reality check of some sorts – was the internal bleeding part of it all.  Right after the can had landed, I was staring at my foot, and I saw a domino effect of popping veins under my skin…I could see the break and bust….very weird to look at.  I took pictures of my feet a while after “impact’, but you can’t really see the popping effect. 

What I learned from this really, is that luckily that was only my feet.  What if it had fallen on my head?  I would have never seen anything and especially inside.  I was lucky this was only a can, and it was ‘only’ my feet.  It made me appreciate what I have, a lot more, and also made me re-think.  After a while on coumadin, things become so routine and you slowly start to think you are invincible, bad things won’t happen to you…I was glad that nothing more serious had happened to me.

Again, I really am glad about my Jung SuWon training.  It has helped me tremendously to stay calm, or when I don’t manage to stay calm – to regain composure quickly.  The exercise part of it also is helping me to stay fit, keep my lung capacity at optimum level, helps keep swelling down, and just makes me much more alert, aware, and fit. 

So, when life’s little quirks happen to you – decide that you are going to come out on top!  Like Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim always says, “It is your personal choice what you do in your life!”

PS: just to show who’s boss – I ate the chili!!!!!


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