Posted by: angelasommers | October 15, 2008

Jung SuWon is what keeps me going…

I get asked this question a lot:  Why are you still training in the martial arts?  You are on coumadin and you know you shouldn’t! 

Well, yes, I am on coumadin.  And yes, I should not – and am not – sparring or doing any breaking.  Or jumping, or weapons, for that matter.  But there is still so much I CAN do!  Also, to me, Jung SuWon is a way of life, not just some sport.  So I will continue to do whatever I can.  Doing forms, basics, kicks, are all wonderful things. 

Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim reassured me that I am in no way a “lesser” Martial Artist than anyone else.  One of the basic strengths of the Martial Arts is that you make do with what you have! 

I also enjoy the soft forms a lot more these days, or Ki energy forms as we call them at Jung SuWon.  I notice this keeps me more focused, centered and happy.

And the more physical part of Martial Arts keep me in shape and keep me healthy. 


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