Posted by: angelasommers | November 18, 2011

One of the most special moments…

Rather than focusing on what I cannot do anymore – as you know, when you take coumadin, contact sparring is out, any “getting hit” is out, so are most breaks.  You might ask, so what’s left – this is Martial Arts after all!

Oh, there is so much that’s left!  Aside from basics, forms, kicking and punching light bags, shadow sparring, ki energy training, and so much more.  At Jung Suwon Martial Art Academy, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim really makes Martial Arts training exciting, fun, and it’s also a lot more.  For those that want more – it can and will be life coaching and training.

But one of my most favorite things are testing and belt ceremony, especially for children.  The sheer joy of accomplishing something meaningful is pure delight!  Here you can see some pictures from our most recent belt ceremony!   And I just love to be able to share that special moment and tie a belt around a newly graduated student!

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