Posted by: angelasommers | January 16, 2012

2012, here I come!

I know this year will be a great one!  It sure started with a bang – I was sicker than I can remember ever being, with bronchitis and every itis you can imagine.  In addition, I have other health challenges galore, and yet – it motivates me to keep getting better, and never giving up.  I wasn’t always this positive.  I owe my attitude and optimism to my Martial Arts Teacher, Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  She has believed in me from day one (about 27 years ago) and still believes in me.

Her own story is quite compelling in itself, and you can read about it here.  Great Grandmaster Kim is definitely my hero.  Her teachings have helped me throughout my adult years.  Her very simple words “He Can Do, She Can Do, Why Not Me!” have carried me through the toughest of situations.  Those words help me keep my calm and find solutions, help keep my emotions in check and stay in control of my thoughts and actions.

Grandmaster Kim has treated us to some outstanding outdoor training sessions for the past weeks. I had to miss about 10 days of them, but I am back in.  It has been exciting, exhiliarating, and simply outstanding.  Getting up before the dawn, going outside when it’s crisp and cold, and work out hard, has been the fulfilment of my dreams!

And while I still – due to the coumadin – can’t sparr like I used to, run like I used to, do the breakings like I used to – Martial Arts is so much more!  I love my life and am savoring every moment of it!



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