Posted by: angelasommers | January 26, 2012

Upcoming excitement of a different kind

This picture was taken from this website:  and it is entirely their property.  I am only using it to illustrate what I will be going through soon.  😉

So I went to my foot doctor yesterday.  He is very nice, very competent and I trust him.  He exudes confidence in what he does, and he is passionate about his job.

Turns out that I will need some minor surgery on my foot.  I have plantar fasciites that hasn’t gone away for about a year and I feel it’s time to accelerate the “feel good” process.

My Martial Arts Master, Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, has been very encouraging and supportive.  She teaches a lot about the quality of life, and living life to its fullest.  “Celebrate every living breath,” she says, “as if it was your last breath.”

Grandmaster Kim says that we only have the current moment guaranteed.  We do not know if we are going to have a tomorrow.  We only have the here and now.  Of course we still need to plan for the future, but we cannot ever take it for granted.

So, this minor surgery, is my planning for the future, so I will be able to walk, run, jump and kick again.  At age 54 (I’ll be turning 54 next month) I feel I am way too young to live with this much pain.

Of course, being on coumadin, this will require extra care and preparation.  It will all be great though.  “Expect success!”  Grandmaster Kim says.  “Don’t settle for anything less!  It is Your life!”

But most of all, Grandmaster Kim teaches that whatever we decide to do in our lives, the choice is ours.  No matter what.  In the end, it all comes down to our own choice.


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