Posted by: angelasommers | May 28, 2012

Finally without crutches and boot!

I haven’t forgotten this blog.  Not at all.  But Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has had some most outstanding events and testings at Jung Suwon and it’s been all wonderful.

And yes, I have been good.  I haven’t overdone it (well, most of the time) and I have been crutch free and boot free for a couple of weeks now. Both have been put in the far corner of the garage.   See?

Of course, now is the most “dangerous” time for recover, as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim points out.  Now that I am in regular shoes, I am not constantly reminded that I have to take care of my foot.

So, how have I been keeping in shape, getting my workouts in, and in short, remained a Jung Suwon warrior?

Here is where the beauty of the Martial Arts comes in.  Working out, Jung Suwon style, you don’t need anything except yourself!

So I have been getting up very early, usually around 5:45 am, and I start with my warm ups, then do all the basic blocks and punches.  I can’t do a good, low stance yet, but I can work out!

I also do forms in place, as much as I can tolerate, and then do some kicking, holding on to the wall while performing a kick.

I have also added some basic weight lifting to my training, so I can maintain overall strength and condition.

Great Grandmaster encourages us to work out one way or another, to keep our bodies moving and thus in good working condition.

At Jung Suwon, we have just had a black belt testing for 3 gentlemen of mature age, from age 61 – 72.  It was wonderful and I will post about that on the Jung Suwon blog!  Stay in tune!



  1. Upon wearing a cast on one foot & keeping it off of the ground, here’s an exercise that helps to strengthen the other leg. My good leg, I bend it down heading towards the floor (put my hands down in front of me) and with control gently lower my good leg knee down to the floor, then also with control I can (now) put the injured foot knee gently on the floor. This takes practice, going from standing to kneeling on the floor, and then standing back up again on the good leg while keeping the other foot up in the air.

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