Posted by: angelasommers | June 13, 2012

Keeping up that warrior spirit, no matter what!

Can you guess what this is?


It is my foot, back in the boot!  I was all ready to join Jung Suwon classes, and start running, and do all kinds of wonderful Jung Suwon workouts.

Instead, I am back in the boot, for a minimum of 4 weeks!  This was certainly not what I wanted to hear, nor expected to hear or have to do.

However, Dr. Lehnert said that in this case, my foot will only heal if I back off from all activity, and not “push through the pain” as almost all Jung Suwon warriors do.

Well, as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim pointed out to me, with a big smile,  this is a blessing for me.  A blessing?  What kind of blessing is that???


Here is what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim says about patience in her book “Seven Steps to Inner Power:”

“One of nature’s most beautiful symbols of patience is the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, when the outward picture of the caterpillar’s beingness changes drastically from one form to another.  For a certain period, the caterpillar ingests food to enable it to grow to a certain point.  This is a distinct period of time that cannot be rushed.  When that point is reached, it the forms a cocoon in which it must wait for another period of time.  A transformation occurs in the quiet cocoon that cannot be rushed or disturbed.  Then at last at the appointed time, a butterfly emerges, a different creature altogether from the caterpillar, who then reproduces so that the cycle begins again.

True patience is knowing the truth and expecting the truth to manifest.  This knowing and expecting is the process of being your Silent Master consciousness. Thus, when you express this true patience, you think as your Silent Master things.  You keep the power turned on as you wait knowingly for the manifestation to appear at its appointed time.”

Of course Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is right.  Inside that boot, inside that foot, a transformation is going on – my bone is healing and after 4 – 8 weeks, my foot will then emerge from that boot, and it will be all set to go – Jung Suwon forms, and all kinds of wonderful martial art workouts await me!



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