Posted by: angelasommers | June 25, 2012

Attitude, and visualization!

When you are in the recovery process for the long haul, you are bound to hit highs and lows.  That’s just human nature, as Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim explains.  She further says, that it is much more important how we deal with these ups and downs – rather than suppressing your emotions and trying to cover up, express them and learn to deal with them.

Here is where good attitude and visualization come in, like knights in shining armor.  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim wrote in her book, “Seven Steps to Inner Power,” the following, about visualization:

“The practice of creative visualization is not idle day-dreaming or wishful thinking.  It is focused imagining, with the power of your will and persistence behind it.  It is an immaterial activity that takes form first as a mental image, then as a material image.

The mental images you form must absolutely support what you want to create and should be visualized with as much detail and clarity as possible.  If you give equal time to images contrary to your objective, it would be like trying to dig a hole and fill it at the same time. Allow only those images in your mind that support you and others, and see how quickly things change!”

So, while I am practicing  Jung Suwon warrior attitude, I am at the same time making sure I stay in good shape, while I visualize my body being fully healthy and healed.  To do this, I use these a lot:

and these:

and of course, I go through my punching and blocking and as much of my basic Jung Suwon workout as my foot allows.

Because, when my foot is well again, my entire being will be fully ready to go!


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