Posted by: angelasommers | July 23, 2012

New motivation, new inspiration, new obstacle course

It started out with me being really really bummed out.  I saw my foot doctor, Dr. Lehnert,  again, and not only do I still have the “usual” issues of stress fracture in the heel (“extensive” is the word he used) and arthritis, now I also have a very pesky tendonitis.  It is so pesky and painful, as a matter of fact, that I’ll be getting a shot to calm it all down.

So where is the good in this almost comical situation?  I mean, seriously, I couldn’t make up this story!

It’s Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s teachings, and especially the Jung Suwon obstacle training course she is building right now. I LOVE obstacle courses!  I LOVE particularly the traditional ones, built out of wood and natural “ingredients” and look like they straight out of the movie “The Last Samurai.”

It’s awesome, to say the least.  Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim is using nature as her guide, and she is integrating all the stations into nature, using only wood and mostly traditional materials and items.

Just as in Jung Suwon Class during testing and breaking, these aren’t just physical obstacles.  These represent whatever obstacles and challenges we have in our lives.

A bunch of Jung Suwon warriors was out building, digging, hammering, and also having fun, this weekend, helping create this wonderful training area.

It includes stations for traditional bow and arrow shooting, balance beams, tire runs, stretching bars, and a whole lot more!

Did I mention just how much I love this kind of training?

I cannot wait to get out there and join the fun!!!  Come on, foot, hurry up and get better!

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