Posted by: angelasommers | June 20, 2013

True Appreciation

Pro-7 bong 05

This happened a long time ago, at a Self Discovery weekend held by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim.  Both my partner and me were considerably younger, and while he is still doing the same things and just as vigorously, for the time being, until my foot is healed, I take great joy in looking at these kinds of pictures and videos.

Pro-7 Bong 06

Sometimes, I was on the downhill side of things, but it was a great time nonetheless.  This is how you learn the most, when you have to struggle!

Pro-7 Bong 08

As you can imagine, in my current condition, I do a lot of reading.  I had to chuckle when I ran across this incredible gem in one of Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s books, “The Silent Master:”  (page 71)

“Your body is the most elegant creation you possess.  Just as you learn to use your mind properly, think of how important it is, then, to use and care for your body with the same respect and holiness you accord your spiritual consciousness. 

Discipline of the body works discipline of the mind.  Discipline your mind and you strengthen your body.

Appreciation is the first step.  What if you could use only certain parts of your body?  Have you ever thought of what you would do if you had only one arm?  Or no arms? Or no sight?  Most people who enter a martial arts school are physically healthy and take their bodies for granted.  It’s for this reason that I sometimes have them try to do what they think are normal everyday things without the use of their legs or arms or eyes.  Very quickly they learn how complex the movements of their hands can be or how precious their sight is.

Your body is a miraculous gift!  Utilize it, care for it, strengthen it.  Don’t waste it or take it for granted!”

I sure had taken my full mobility for granted, and now I am certainly appreciating so much more what I have and what I can do!



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