Posted by: angelasommers | June 27, 2013

America – Land of Hope and Glory!

I feel that I should give you a little bit of a personal history of me.  How did I, who was born in an obscure little town in Austria, raised in Salzburg, studied in Vienna, end up in the USA?

my grandmother's house

my grandmother’s house

As far as I can remember back, I always wanted to come to the USA.  Even when I was only 3 years old, I was already talking about it.  It was as if, even then, I already heard Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim‘s words:

“You can make a change!  You are not stuck in one place.  You are never stuck, because everything around you is in motion vibrating in constant change.  Have the courage to change your mind and emotions.  Have the courage to examine yourself, the beliefs you hold, the emotions you feel, and be willing to purify your energy.  Have the courage to try!  Then you will see change all around you!” (The First Element, page 138)

Childhood special002

if I put these sticks together right, maybe I can make an airplane?
(For the record, I am the girl on the right, sitting in the chair)

I also remember begin made fun of a lot – I used to hear it all the time “You don’t even know what America is, you silly girl.”  But me, all I knew was that I just had to be there, wherever or whatever it was!

Childhood special001

What do you think – would I be able to go to the USA in that car?? Hmmmm

It would be a long time until I would be able to come to the USA, but even back then, the seed was planted and I knew that some day I would come to the USA – and that I was destined for a different way of life – the way of the warrior as taught by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim!


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