Posted by: angelasommers | July 11, 2013


2013-07-10 Cast off -01

Finally the day has arrived, and my cast is now history!  If you have ever had a cast – you know what I am talking about.  If you never had one – having the cast on you is challenging, but when it’s taken off, it is just plain weird.  Let me tell you, what Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim has taught me over the years really came in handy today.  🙂

Right off, the very nice and beautiful technician explain the cast saw to me.  Not only did she tell me that it is impossible to hurt someone with it, she proceeded to demonstrate and put the saw right on the skin of her arm!

It took all the self-control I had to not scream and jump off the table.  I fully expected blood to squirt out all over the place.  But she just giggled and said, I told you, it can’t hurt.


Then she put the saw to my cast.  See?

2013-07-10 Cast off -02

After the cast was split,

2013-07-10 Cast off -05

she applied something that looked like a lobster cracker

2013-07-10 Cast off -04

and cracked it all open

2013-07-10 Cast off -06

with a few yanks, my foot was free!!  (I am not posting what followed because it does look a bit gruesome.)

But, my foot freedom isnt complete yet.  In order to protect it until it’s all the way healed and comfortable with walking, my foot is safely tucked away in a walking boot.

It feels really really great to be able to walk somewhat normal again.  I just need to work hard and regain strength and muscle.

And because this post is somewhat about freedom, here is my favorite quote from Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, about freedom:

“You live in a wonderful time called now.  In this moment, everything true about you is waiting to be recognized and expressed.  Everything in the past is gone.  Tomorrow will never come.  There is always only now.  You can take charge, take action, and create freedom for yourself.

Right here and right now let’s start celebrating!  Freedom is real.  Freedom is possible.  You have power, truth, beauty, and potential within you always waiting to be discovered, always waiting to be expressed.  Brighter and more precious than diamonds, warm as the spring sun, and beautiful like spirals of galaxies sprinkled over this vast universe, your silent Master awaits your return, so that together you will come forth as one radian being in charge of your destiny.  What is stopping you?  What is holding you back?  You are free to be free!  Spread your wings!  Fly and be free!” (The Silent Master, page 162)



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